5 things you might have not known about Isaac Newton


Isaac Newton was a British genius that had many talents. He was a mathematician, a physicist and also an astronomer. Even to these days, hundreds of years after his death in 1726, he is still thought of as one of the greatest minds that has ever walked upon the surface of this earth.

He revolutionized the scientific world with the help of his book Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica, which is perhaps one of the most studied books of all time. This is the work of a genius that has paved the road for mechanics that have later lead to the industrial revolution.

His contributions to the refining of optics have changed the way we look at the sky. He is one of the reasons why telescopes exist, and why they still are endless sources of wonder and happiness. He indulged in all area of the natural world, and he postulated the laws of motion, which are still valid today.

One less known fact about this amazing human is that he is one of the first people to describe the laws of gravity, work which has inspired Einstein’s theory of relativity. And he is also the one that confirmed the heliocentric model of the Solar System.

And the interesting facts don’t end here. Newton also wrote a book called Opticks, in which he revealed how intricate light is and just how fascinating it can be when looked at through a prism. He was a huge inspiration to his peers, thus he was knighted by Queen Anne in 1705.

Newton was always obsessed by something called alchemy, which the science of turning basic elements into gold. This used to be something that was frowned upon in those times, but this never stopped the genius from pursuing it with a burning passion. Needless to say, it never led to anything.

Perhaps one of the most famous things about Isaac is the story with the apple falling on his head, which inspired him to write the laws of gravity. But it is not really true. Or it is just partially true. While he talked about the incident, there isn’t any actual proof of that happening.

Another spicy rumor about the historical figure is that he had a short temper. The story goes that he even set his own laboratory on fire, which ruined most of his research. The story the man himself told was that his dog accidentally did it, but historians don’t think he actually had a dog, let alone a dog named Diamond.

So if you want to learn more about this guy, pick up an apple, get your hands on a telescope and gaze at the endless sky. He was truly one of a kind, and he deserves his place in history.

3 scientific gadgets that make great gifts for kids

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December is my favorite month of the year too, not only because you have snow, presents, family, and mulled wine, but also because it’s the perfect time to give back to those you appreciate and make amends with those who have failed you in the past.

With Saint Nicholas and Christmas just around the corner, kids all over the world work on their behavior to embrace the light and stop being naughty. On the other side, parents urge children to write to Santa Claus long lists of wishes in the hope they will have enough time, energy, and money to fulfill at least some of them.

But why not change the game a little bit this year and challenge your kid to become better? Why not, instead of the regular cars, puppets, plush toys, and drones, you offer something truly meaningful to your kid?

If you’re looking for great scientific toys that will also trigger your kid’s imagination and challenge his or her limits, all you have to do is go through my list of items I consider being relevant.

Microscopes and telescopes

These are the perfect items to help your child develop his or her passion for astrology and biology in a fun and interesting way. There are plenty of microscopes for kids that will help your child see amazing magnified pictures of the surrounding things, and learn more about plants, animals, and humans.

On the other hand, telescopes are great tools to enrich your child’s knowledge about stars and planets. You can play together and discover new galaxies or go even deeper into the science and try to take amazing pictures of the sky and the surrounding bodies.


Chemistry sets

If your kid shows early signs of being interested in smells, textures, and substances, you may want to purchase a chemistry set. Based on his or her interest, as well as age and your budget, you can opt for a wide array of interesting chemistry sets. From the science of perfumes to learning the basics in a chem lab and cool chemical reactions set complete with substances, science can be fun and interesting at the same time.

Chemistry and lab sets are perfect for kids age 8 and above, while little children and toddlers should start with the basics. Learning the Periodic Elements Table or how basic substances react may be more appropriate at the beginning.


Regardless of age or gender, kids will be most likely attracted to robots and everything that has to do with science. So why not search for some true AI robots your kid can interact with or, even better, buy kits that will help them build their own robots?

The real robotic arm that can grab things and deliver them for you is a great choice for youngsters, while simple animal robots could be a great start for younger children. The latter can also have therapeutic purposes, helping your kid gain more self-confidence, reduce fatigue and anxiety.